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  • January 2014

    Interventions to support wellbeing - a continuation of last month's article on pupil's wellbeing and emotional needs, progress from EYFS to the end of KS1, white boys and free school meals, the local offer from birth to 25 years, Nasen's consultation opportunities on the draft Code of Practice and the index of articles covered over the last five years.
  • February 2014

    Increasing access to text in school, precision teaching strategies, resources for supporting those with Speech, Language and Communication Needs and risk factors and school failure.
  • March 2014

    Evidenced based ways to improve attendance of pupils, activities to support numeracy, catch up premiums, supporting pupils with medical needs at school and the national results for achievements of pupils with SEN in 2013.
  • April 2014

    Anxiety and Autism - information provided by Sheila Bell, Fragile X, providing effective teacher feedback, the Slavonic Abacus and the Children and Families Act 2014.
  • May 2014

    Attachment and Learning-an article based on the YoungMinds website, resources to support increased progress in spelling, Cystic Fibrosis, personal budgets and revision of the SEN and Disability Code of Practice: 0-25 years.
  • June 2014

    SEND Code of Practice: Graduated Approach from initial concern to request of an EHC, resources to improve punctuation and grammar, provision mapping and supporting pupils at school with medical conditions.
  • July 2014

    Auditory Processing Disorder, school recording systems for the SEND reforms, legal implications of the SEND reforms and preparing for the SEND changes.
  • September 2014

    Areas covered by a draft SEND policy and SEN Information Report (proforma on SNIP website),Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders, pyramid clubs and teaching strategies for SEN.
  • October 2014

    Questions SENCos may need to reflect upon to further improve SEN provision (based on The School Inspection Handbook-Ofsted 2014), Access Arrangements (GCSE & GCE) for 2014-15, improving reading within the curriculum and an analysis of children with SEN (2009-2014).
  • November 2014

    Transition planning, bullying and SEND, Anaphylaxis and engaging parents to participate in processes that help to shape provision for their child/children.
  • December 2014

    Providing careers advice to pupils with Special Educational Needs and/or Disability, supporting pupils with medical conditions in school and the digest of websites mentioned during 2014